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We can make products that pretty much last a lifetime from our waste, it couldn't be better!

Scotlands leading eco solutions company is introducing a 100% recycled ‘roof slate’ products. This product will change the roofing industry because the tiles are cost effective, environmentally friendly, and they also last pretty much a lifetime too.

100% Recycled self-bonding, roof tiles (slate/shingle).

The roof tiles are available in three standard colours. The slate effect tiles are self bonding and have the unique flexibility to be used for all valleys and ridges. There is never a need for custom-made accessories because every slate can be cut and set to any angle or size you need, thus saving you LOTS of money.

Another unique reason why these tiles lead in the market is because they have a built-in adhesive that allows them to bond together once fully installed. The benefit of this process gives you a stronger, more pliable solid membrane that leaves you with a better insulated roof (and its easier to install).

The installation process is simple and easy as the slates are fitted straight onto plyboard or oriented strand board (OSB), meaning no roof battens are required. Simply a non-perforated asphalt saturated felt underlay is then nailed down on the plyboard in two places using the relevant size copper, stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanised nails – it’s that simple.

Over a period of time the slate will self-bond together forming a solid membrane on your roof. This process has no specific timescale as it relies on sunlight, and therefore bonds faster during the summer months than the winter months. This process makes the installation much more cost effective as it takes less than half the time to install than traditional slate, all without any damage or breakages and problems associated with real slate.

Material: 100% Recycled PEP Resins with additives, colouring, and UV Inhibitors
Wind Resistance: Tested for up to 110mph winds
Freeze/ Thaw Resistance: Yes, does not get brittle under freezing temperatures
Impact Resistance: Class 4, highest impact rating possible.
Fire Retardant: Class C (BRE Certified)
UV Protection: Formulation includes UV inhibitors to protect shingles from harmful sunlight ensuring they do not get brittle over time.
Colour Fading: Slates are coloured with inorganic colours, and therefore you can expect less than 10 fade ratio
Maintenance Free: No maintenance or upkeep is necessary.
Dimensions: Length: 17” 430mm Width: 12” 300mm Thickness: 1/2” 5mm
Weight: 21.04 kilos per pack of 22 slates
Packaging Information: Boxes of 22 in recycled packaging
Slates per Pallet: 1694
Weight per Pallet: 1656 kg per pallet
Slates per m2: 17 x slates per square metre

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