Roof Tiles FAQ

Q) What is the minimum roof pitch required for the roof slate?

A) From 5:12 – 22.5 degrees, less than 2:12 – 10 degrees not recommended.

Q) What are the roof slates made of?

A) 100% recycled PEP Resins with additives, colouring, and UV Inhibitors.

Q) How are they Installed?

A) See our Installation Guide on our Specifications page.

Q) What type of nail should I use during installation?

A) Relevant size 9.5 diameter copper, stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanised nails are recommended.

Q) The slates seem very flexible, how do they hold up in strong wind conditions?

A) The slates have been tested in winds up to 110mph and therefore the wind causes little or no problem.

Q) Does the colour fade?

A) You can expect a 10% fade ratio.

Q) Do you sell caps and ridge slates?

A) No, the slate is flexible so can be used for all the valleys, caps and ridge areas.

Q) Do the slates get brittle in the Sun?

A) No, the slates have UV Inhibitors built in them to protect against harmful UV rays.

Q) Do you need to use underlay during installation?

A) Yes, we recommend using a non-perforated asphalt saturated felt underlay.

Q) Can the slates be cut for angles?

A) Yes, a Stanley knife blade or any other cutting equipment will cut the slate.

Q) How are the slates packaged & will they bond together during transportation?

A) The slates are packaged using a recycled film in boxes of 22.

Q) Do the slates need to be stored indoors or outdoors?

A) We recommend indoor storage as packaged in cardboard cartons.

Q) Besides the underlay and nails what else do you need?

A) Nothing, they fit straight onto plyboard with the nails and underlay.

Q) What fire rating do they have?

A) Class C fire rating; see the specification page for full test certificates.

Q) Will the slate damage during hail storms?

A) No, they have been given a class 4 impact rating; see the specification page for full test certificates.

Q) Will there be any noise problems during heavy rain or hail?

A) No the slates are solid and not hollow so the noise is kept at a minimal.

Q) How many slates do you get to a square metre?

A) There are 22 x slates per square metre including allowance for the ridge.

Q) What is the cost of the slates?

A) Contact our sales office or your nearest local stockist, see our contact page.

Q) How long does the self bonding adhesive process take?

A) No specific timeframe but the process is quicker during the summer months than the winter months due to the amount of direct sunlight.

Q) What guarantee do the slates have?

A) 50-year non-prorated warranty.


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